Wax for black cars

Best wax for black cars for a car is a protective coating that preserves the body after finishing polishing of a paint-and-lacquer coating. Depending on the type of wax, and the method of operation of the canned body subsequently, you can expect for a period of 3 to 8 months, during which it will last. Different types of waxes give different shine effects. However, each hard wax has an impeccable hydrophobic effect and protects the body from environmental influences. Types of solid waxes for car body:

  • Synthetic hard wax;
  • Natural hard wax, Carnauba;
  • Natural cleansing hard wax, Carnauba with clay content.
What is the difference between synthetic and natural hard wax?

Natural hard wax is made in the USA. His homeland is California. Actually, he is taken from a California palm. In case Carnauba wax is offered by a manufacturer not from the USA, with a high probability, he purchases material from the “states”. Synthetic hard wax does not contain natural materials and is produced by mixing chemical compounds.

Synthetic hard wax

It is recommended to use it for the winter, as it holds better and is more resistant to low temperatures. Yes, it doesn’t shine so much, but winter shine isn’t very much needed, agree ?! While reliable protection of the body and its preservation from external influences in winter is very relevant. The “synthetics” in consistency can be both a “slurry” and a “barely solid oil”. The smell of synthetic hard waxes is not always pleasant, but they are often equipped with an applicator for application to the surface. Service life - from 4 to 10 months.

Carnauba Natural Solid Wax

Not a cheap pleasure, but it will give a very cool shine to the car body - the mirror effect. Treated with quality hard wax (after polishing) the car will shine from 2 to 6 months. Natural Carnauba should have a crumb consistency, and give a pleasant smell, something between aloe, apple and banana. That is how palm wax smells.

Solid wax for cars with clay

His “trick” is that you do not have to polish the car. This is a cleaning wax (not abrasive) that can be applied immediately after washing and drying the car. It simultaneously makes the paintwork perfectly smooth and protects it by covering it with a hydrophobic coating. At the same time, it gives shine. The same as Karnauba (because it is Karnauba). It lasts from 2 to 6 months.

How to apply hard wax to the body?

First of all, the car must be washed, and then cleaned from deep pollution. Ideally, polish. But not all motorists do this. Then you need to apply hard wax. Ideally, then cover it with liquid wax, so that the layer does not collapse quickly, and continue to cover with liquid wax every 2-4 weeks. Then the hard coating will last longer.

How to wash a car

My car is right

The question of whether to wash a car or not is a rhetorical one. A car needs periodic washing, first of all, in order to maintain its presentation. But what kind of washing method is best suited for the machine, and how often it is necessary to produce it depending on the time of year, will be discussed in this article.

Method of washing car No. 1: manually Lazy car enthusiasts, as a rule, use paid car washes. The owner of the car, who really cares about his “iron horse” and takes the time to bring it into proper appearance, prefers to wash the car on his own. There are two ways to clean the car of dirt: manual washing and washing using special technical means. Let us dwell on each of them in detail. Manual washing is the easiest way to clean the car of dirt. For this, the car enthusiast will need the following equipment: a bucket, a suede napkin, a microfiber napkin, a telescopic brush with a foam roller and a choke for water, a porous sponge, a brush for cleaning rims, detergent (car shampoo) and a large amount of water. Ideally, this should be an artificial or natural reservoir (with the condition that dirty water will not drain into it). Or, if the situation allows, tap water. Shampoo for such a washing is selected depending on the hardness of the water used and the degree of contamination of the car. The manual car wash procedure is quite simple.

Step one : we roll the car from top to bottom with plenty of water. Most of the water is poured onto the body, wheels are usually the most polluted places. Glasses require less moisture. Thus, we knock down the first layer of dirt from the surface of the body - various organic particles and silicates.

Step two : “soap” the car with car shampoo - it is needed to remove the second layer, consisting of soot, tar and a mixture of exhaust gases and dust. To do this, use a porous sponge, abundantly moistening it in water diluted with shampoo. The water in the bucket should be warm so that the detergent dissolves normally and a washable composition is formed. Third step : let the shampoo have an effect on the dirt (time varies depending on the degree of contamination of the surfaces). At this time, you can use a brush to remove dirt from the wheels.